Going Virtual

What a week it has been. In just over 8 days, Genesis Club has shifted its work from being site-based to operating as a ‘virtual’ clubhouse.  

Our staff have been nothing less than extraordinary, demonstrating the same dedication, creativity and passion for our mission and our members as ever before, but working over-time to adapt to new technologies, monitoring and sharing essential community resources, and most importantly, reaching out to members — many who already struggle with social isolation and heightened anxiety — to assure them they are not alone and that we will get through this together.  Talking with “every member, every day” is now our practice. 

We have always known that we were a supportive and caring community.  But this week reminded us that we are an incredibly strong, resilient, and adaptive community, regardless of where we are located.  For instance, we have converted the planning and preparation of 60 healthy lunches, typically served at the clubhouse each day, into care packages of healthy staples delivered to members who have run out of food.   We are telephonically helping college students to transition to their on-line classes.  We are helping members who have been laid off from their jobs in the service industry to apply for unemployment. We are helping members to connect with their medical providers so there is no interruption in treatments or therapies. This week we learned that “social distancing” does not mean social isolation.

I don’t know what next week will bring. But I do know that Genesis Club will respond as only a clubhouse can – thoughtfully, creatively, and effectively.  It’s in our DNA. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health condition and would like to learn more about the supports and services available, call us at 508-831-0100, leave a message and we will call you back.  After all – our virtual doors are still open! 

Stay well, stay connected, and stay strong, 
Lisa Brennan
Executive Director