Heather’s Story

Hey there! My name is Heather and I’m a member at Genesis Club.

The past year was hard, but it was also an exciting year for me. Knowing Genesis Club had my back, I took the chance to focus on some goals I’ve had for a long time. One goal was to get my driver’s license. So, during the pandemic, I practiced driving, studied and in October got my license. I had also saved enough money and eventually bought my own car.

During the pandemic, I took on-line classes  at Quinsigamond Community College. Once classes started to meet in-person I took an Interactive Media and Design class. I loved the coursework and building connections with classmates again. Design projects, like creating digital stories, made me realize I’d like to work in this field.

I have been looking for more ways to get involved in my community so I decided to volunteer at the Ecotarium. I volunteered during school vacation and helped facilitate STEM projects. It was a lot of fun to give back to see the kids excited about science. The Ecotarium even offered me a job to help with their overnight summer camps!

In February I’ll be starting a work study position in the Student Life office! I’ll be a Mentoring Assistant. I get to help other students adjust to college life, figure out what they want to get involved in on campus, and be a friendly face and peer leader for them.

This semester I decided to take an automotive class. I’m looking forward to learning more about auto mechanics and might explore this avenue too. I really care about breaking the stigma around women working in certain fields.

During all of these developments over the last year, my family and Genesis Club have been helping me to manage my mental health. It hasn’t always been easy. It’s great knowing everyone at Genesis Club has my back, and they are there for me, to encourage me and support me when I take on too much. I have new confidence that whatever I put my mind to do, I can accomplish.