A Place of Light for Members

Despite the lights, carols, and celebrations, this can be an overwhelming and dark season for many. As we wrap up this year, we wanted to share how Genesis Club has served as a sanctuary and place of light for its members.

Ferdinand “Ferd,” joined Genesis Club in November. He comes in every afternoon to socialize and to keep from isolating at home alone. Participating in the work of the Clubhouse gives his day structure and gives him a sense of purpose. He comes from a business background with extensive experience in the IT field. “I like using my knowledge and experience to help the Clubhouse and I feel like my confidence is coming back slowly,” he told us recently. He’s quickly become an integral member of the Business Unit, helping to improve tracking systems and analyze data.

Ferd, working in the Business Unit

To this day, Genesis Club is a safe haven for me.

– Rudy, enjoying a cup of coffee at the Clubhouse

Rudy on the other hand has been a member since 1998. He first came to make friends and possibly find a job. But like many people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues, Rudy relapsed, and coming to the Clubhouse daily became crucial to his recovery. “To this day, Genesis Club is a safe haven for me,” exclaims Rudy. “Being busy, doing the work of the clubhouse helps keep me sober.”  Rudy is part of the Membership Unit which does outreach into the community and helps others find the supports they need to maintain their mental health.  “Now I get to help others the way Genesis Club helped me way back then.” Rudy remains an active member, a role model, and a source of support for future members.

Whether someone has been a member for just a few weeks like Ferdinand, or over thirty years like Rudy, the Clubhouse provides opportunities for members to share their skills, work on their personal goals like going back to work, starting school, maintaining their sobriety, and forging new friendships.

At Genesis Club, membership is for a lifetime and members use the Clubhouse in different ways as they recover from the effects of serious mental illness. So, while people come for different reasons, the reason they stay seem to be constant; the sense of being part of a caring community, having a purpose, contributing to the greater good, and experiencing a genuine sense of belonging and hope.

From all of us at Genesis Club, we want to wish you a safe, healthy, and hopeful New Year!